What is web hosting, and know about its types?

Web hosting is a service provided to hosting companies. The company hosts your website’s files, and it is accessible on the internet. If you have multiple different files and want to access them, then just open up the file. However, if you want to show your file to another person, you have to send the file. fox moon hosting provides you the maintenance of the server, email accounts, support, etc.

Some other tools are also provided to you to manage your server without the need for technical skills. For example, after purchasing the host, upload your file on the web server and mention the domain name on your hosting account. Moreover, there are many forms of fox moon hosting available, and you have to determine which kind of website is suited for the web host for better results. Here, some of the hosting types are mentioned which provide a better environment for access the sites.

VPS Hosting

It is a very different type of hosting. It is used for the technical process of generating the virtual dedicated server. The most important thing is that it can be shared with other people because of the multiple physical servers. By VPS hosting, you can access a large number of resources

In this hosting, users are guaranteed to allocate resources like RAM, CPU, and disk space. This hosting also allows the stability and erformance of your website. Apart from this, you do not need to share the operating system to ensure the security of your files.

Shared hosting

It is the most popular hosting, and most website owners prefer to work with shared hosting. One of the most significant advantages of this hosting is that it is cheaper than the others. If a person does not have a budget to host the website, then he or she can work on the shared hosting.

It is so affordable, and you can share server resources on thousands of sites. Moreover, this hosting is suitable for beginners because it provides one of the austere hosting environments. However, there is no guarantee to provide the CPU or RAM in this hosting because it does not provide the entire root to access the server. This hosting is flexible and cost effective for access the websites.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting is not allowed to share the resources with others. So, you have to use the dedicated hosting individually. As a result, this hosting is more expensive than another hosting. Moreover, you offered massive storage and an excellent level of performance by dedicated hosting. However, when a dedicated server is used for the website, you get massive traffic for accessing the file on the website.

Additionally, it is a powerful dedicated server that ensures the safety of the websites. It provides 24 hours support, software, and also complete server management. In features are added to the dedicated server, such as full root access, ipv4, D Dos protection, optional panel, RAID-1 Configuration. 

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