All You Need To Know About Gta V

Grand Thief Auto is one of the best game series, and even if you have not played this game, at least you have listened to this game. It is the world’s best second sealing online and offline game till now, and about 115- 120 copies of this game are sold all around the globe, making it the world’s second-highest selling game. At the same time, this game comes in action and adventurous games.

Also, many websites give an advantage of gta 5 mobile download free of cost to all individuals. and also, there are instructions is given on all platforms that how to play and install GTA v on PC and Laptops with a live based experience

Requirements needed for playing GTA V

If you are confused about what type of requirement is needed to play the GTA v, don’t be stressed out. You can play the game with minimum requirements due to the user-friendly manual. And the processing unit are of this type-

An Intel Core 2 processor with 2.4Hz\AMD Phenom and 4GB RAM WITH 95 GB storage and recommended specifications are Intel core i5 3470 processor with 8 GB RAM and 120GB storage.

Story Mode

Now you have downloaded GTA V with the help of websites like gta 5 mobile download, you need to know about the story plot. The story revolves around the different heists done by three people named Michael, a retired robber who lives with his family in Los Santos. But his wife spends his all money; due to this, Michael needs to start robbery again. The second one is Trevor, the ex-partner of Michael, who helped in many robberies.

The last one is Franklin, a young African-American who needs to get fame in Los Santos. So three of them conducted many robberies and heists and threw final heist to rob a jewellery house. So although there are many characters, these are the main characters of GTA v. The story is very complex, and you get to know about the story when you start to play the game. How they conduct the heists and robberies successfully and what type of situations bring them to do the robbery. And how other characters impact the life of these major characters.

Online GTA Feature

After performing all major missions,’ the game does not end; some side missions are present there. But also the online feature which gives you many aces like a complete mission with friends. Also, you can explore new things on the map with your friends. And you can even play with the players worldwide and make many new friends from a different country. Apart from missions, there is a chance that you can become a CEO of any company and trade in share markets, which makes this game more realistic and joyful.


GTA V is considered a revolution in games because of the developers who make the game realistic. And an online game with the option to play with your friends or make new friends online. It is impossible to add such features with this type of huge game.

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